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Welcome to Spokesperson Media Training.

We are a team of experienced media trainers with one overriding aim – to support your team to become effective spokespersons for your organisation or cause.

QUALITY Executive Training

We create spokespeople who are ready to face the media with confidence.

Spokesperson Media Training is Australia’s leading media training company, delivering high quality media training across all areas of Australia.


Our media training is tailored to your organisation, your services and your people. Step by step, we take you through the key media management areas for your industry and provide essential practice interview sessions with course leaders and specialist journalists.


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Our Approach

We know if your team learns how the media works and what journalists are looking for, they are more likely to succeed.

We use an easy to remember system for interview preparation. It includes: setting interview objectives; preparing key messages for each interview; and learning to anticipate and deal with difficult questions.

We focus on interview performance. It covers key tips on interview control and techniques to produce more effective spokespeople.


How We Train

We conduct down-the-phone, face-to-face and TV interviews. It is at this point your team puts it all together. They experience interview preparation, practice and performance based on pre-prepared scenarios. Our practice sessions are conducted with the training team and with specialist journalists highly expert in your industry.


Interviews are recorded and delegates receive instant feedback on their performance based on their messaging, interview control and personal style.

After the course we provide copies of the presentation and supporting information, and a feedback form to monitor our service.


Course handouts summarise key points and remind delegates how to prepare for media interviews into the future.


Course arrangements can be changed without penalty up to 10 working days before an agreed course date. With less notice, we charge a 50% fee and any costs that we may have incurred.

We don’t just pitch up and train. Beforehand we ascertain what you want to achieve with your media-trained team. We then put in the time analysing timely media interview subjects that populate your industry, sector and your organisation. 

Prior to training we distribute pre-training questionnaires. Here we find out what each delegate wants to achieve and any communication issues they perceive they have. This is fed back into the course, allowing us to address participants’ ambitions.

Most courses are run at our clients’ premises.

Some prefer an outside training environment or studio and we cater for all needs. If we come to you we need a room with table, chairs, whiteboard and facility for projection, a land-line or with mobile reception. We also require a separate room/space to conduct TV interviews and a commitment that participants won’t be interrupted!

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Luke Roberts

Senior Trainer and ceo

Luke Roberts is the senior trainer at Spokesperson Media Training. Starting his career as an AAP/Reuters News Analyst, Luke has media trained thousands of executives spanning a 25 year period.

Throughout his career, Luke has also been a company spokesperson for a range of blue chip organisations and Government bodies.

Having worked both sides of the fence, he knows precisely the challenges executives face when confronted by media interviews and the expectations journalists have of your spokespeople.

He holds a post Graduate Diploma in Communications Management from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Russell Eldridge

Editor & Journalist

Russell Eldridge was a newspaper editor with more than 30 years’ experience in a wide variety of journalism roles. He worked on the Sydney Morning Herald and was the editor of The Northern Star, northern NSW’s largest regional daily newspaper.

Russell is a multi-award-winning journalist, including commendation in the national Walkley Awards, the Sir Harry Budd Award for journalism and Northern New South Wales Journalist of the Year. He is also a published author and has lectured in media studies at Southern Cross University.

Barry Eaton

Broadcaster & Journalist

Barry Eaton is a broadcaster and journalist who has worked on ABC Radio and TV as well as several commercial stations such as 2GB, 2KY and Channel 10 as a news reader, interviewer, entertainment & sports presenter and also talk back radio host. He was also Co-ordinator of Journalism and lecturer in radio journalism and production at Macleay College in Sydney, which is affiliated with Southern Cross University.

His corporate profile includes running his own media consultancy and video production company, working with clients such as the NRMA, Barclays Bank, Tourism Canada and Lauda air.

Barry is also an experienced trainer in the areas of media and presentation skills, public speaking and business writing skills. He is also a journalist/script writer and recently published his first book.

Ky Chow

Journalist & Commentator

Ky has 10+ years of media presenting at elite media outlets such as the ABC, Fairfax and Sky News, as both an interviewing journalist and an interview guest and commentator. Yet Ky has experience well beyond working in communications. His years in product management, marketing and compliance consulting at KPMG, Macquarie Bank and CommSec means he understands business in a way many journalists never can.

Kerrie Douglass

Radio Journalist

Kerrie has more than 30 years’ experience in media and communications. Her journalism work spans 16 years both in the private sector (commercial radio) and the public sector with eight years at the ABC. In radio, I read the news, reported from the field and researched and produced programmes on 2GB. I conducted major interviews and often reported live from major events, including a number of Royal tours and court cases and trial outcomes. She spent two years as the Macquarie Network’s State political reporter, which included the coverage of an election and the subsequent change of Government. As a journalist for ABC television, Kerrie worked on both the 7.30 Report as a reporter and presenter and covered Federal and State politics for news and current affairs. One of Kerrie’s key skills, developed as a journalist, is to take difficult and complex issues and quickly analyse and distil the information into a readily understandable form. She has also worked as a media adviser at the NSW Department of Education and ay the State Chamber of Commerce.