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Spokesperson Media Training provides quality media training for your executive, management and leadership teams across Melbourne and Australia.


We specialise in cultivating spokespeople poised to address the media confidently. Tailored to your organisation, services, and team, our meticulously crafted media training courses guide you through industry-specific media management areas, offering essential practice interview sessions with our expert course leaders and seasoned specialist journalists.

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At the end of our one day, core skills media training course you will:

Advanced Media Training Crisis Management

The way your spokespeople navigate media scrutiny during critical moments holds the power to shape your corporate future. 

Success in steering the corporate ship forward lies with companies that are well-prepared for crises and can confidently face the media. We offer a range of courses tailored to your organisation or cause, from foundational Core Skills Media Training to specialised media training for senior executives and CEOs. All training is tailored to address specific issues relevant to your organisation, empowering your leaders to perform with confidence in challenging media interviews.

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