Advanced Leadership Media Training

Equip your leaders with our Advanced Leadership Media Training. Tailored for CEOs and executives, this course goes beyond the basics, honing advanced media communication skills.

Tailored training for your leaders

Whether you’re a CEO seeking individualised guidance or a cohesive Leadership Team, Chair, Board or Executive Team aiming for synchronised media management strategies, our courses are individually tailored to your needs and guaranteed to support elevating your organisation’s presence in the dynamic world of media.


High Level Executives

Leadership Teams

Chair & Board Members

Executive Teams

One-on-One & Teams Training

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Leadership Team Media Training

Tailored for leadership teams, executive boards and chair groups seeking essential and advanced media management skills. 

radio interview media training


One-on-one CEO/Leader Workshop

Designed for CEOs and senior executives seeking personalised advanced media management skills training.

Our media training courses have been carefully designed to;


Equip your leaders with the skills to excel in media interviews.


Be guided every step of the way by our highly trained course leaders.


Learn by doing. Face-to-face training, expert analysis & support.


Prepare your spokespeople with the messaging, know-how & confidence.

Leadership Team Media Training Workshop

Empower and prepare your leadership teams with the skills required to effectively manage and navigate the evolving, multi-channel media landscape. Led by highly skilled industry experts, this program is designed to align the media strategies of your leadership team for a unified and impactful organisational presence.

  • The role of media and new media in a corporate landscape
  • Media relations strategy aligned with marketing and organisational objectives
  • Refinement of organisational media messages across mission critical issue
  • Tailored media training accounting for each senior executive’s organisational role and level of media exposure/experience
  • Simulation media interview exercises with personal feedback for each executive
  • Discussion on group learnings, learning points and next steps to sharpen organisational media response
  • Align Leadership Strategies for a Unified Organisational Media Approach
  • Foster Team Collaboration in Crisis Situations
  • Aligned organisational media messages on key topics and issues
  • Adapt Communication Techniques Collectively to Diverse Media Platforms

Course Outcome:

Upon completion, Leadership Teams will exhibit synchronized media excellence, contributing to enhanced reputation management and organizational success.

One-on-One CEO/Leader Workshop

In this unique one-on-one experience, we craft a personalised roadmap for your executive that supports their individual circumstance, skill level and your organisation’s objectives. This course is tailored to specific areas of personal development and growth and is designed to enable your most senior executives to hone their media interview skills privately and with a high level of individual attention and support.



Gain mastery in persuasive presentation and high-level interview skills. Refine responses to organisational stresses, announcements and impending issues. Cultivate advanced high-level communication skills that cut through with the right level of impact for your organisation’s key stakeholders.


This immersive session offers a unique opportunity for your senior executive to confidently navigate the complexities of multi-channel media, ensuring their public profile becomes a powerful organisational asset.

  • Personalised Media Interview Skills Crafting
  • Individual Coaching for Interviews and Presentations with a focus on development areas
  • Personal Brand Enhancement
  • Customised Media Messaging Toolkit Development
  • Great attention to detail with the opportunity to “rinse and repeat” until they get it right!
  • This course simultaneously improves your leaders’ impact with all video presentations.
  • Craft a Unique and Strategic Media Approach
  • Navigate CEO-Specific Scenarios with Poise
  • Cultivate Crisis-ready Communication Skills
  • Master Individual Interviews and Presentations
  • Strengthen Personal Brand through Tailored Media Appearances
  • Develop a Personalised Communication Toolkit

Course Outcome:

Upon completion, CEOs will emerge as media-savvy leaders equipped with a strategic media approach, crisis-ready communication skills, and enhanced personal branding, contributing to heightened reputation management and sustained leadership influence.

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