Amira Roberts

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Media Training When A Crisis Hits

Too often companies seek media training when a crisis hits. Sure media training helps, but it should not be relied upon as the magic bullet to save your bacon.

So for those who believe media training is only necessary when the proverbial hits the fan, in our view, this is a limited mindset not borne out by the facts. And it further associates media with negativity.


The truth is, if you review the annual media profile of most companies, the vast majority of their media coverage is positive, or neutral, not negative. Sure preparing for the worst is smart, but even smarter is taking responsibility for the firm’s overall reputation by communicating well at all times and planning properly if something were to go wrong.


Our crisis media training courses support organisations when they are reviewing their incident plans, or when they know a significant issue is likely to arise requiring clear and purposeful communication. Smart firms get this.

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