Refresher Media Interview Skills

Is your team’s media prowess a little rusty? Our Refresher Media Interview Skills Workshop is the solution for those seeking to re-sharpen their core media interview skills.

Stay Media Sharp, and Media Ready!

For those with prior media training or seeking refinement, this course provides a comprehensive media interview skills top-up. It includes a refresher with up-to-date messaging and relevant scenarios for your organisation. Emphasising practical skills, participants will conduct tailored media interviews tailored to their roles.


Ideal for executives anticipating corporate announcements.

Practical Scenarios

Realistic broadcast & press interviews using up-to-date scenarios.

Messaging Refinement

Effective messaging that mirrors the quality of your organisation and the subject/s at hand.

Call Handling

Through repetition, handle calls from journalists with confidence and ease.

Broadcast, Press & Online

Regain mojo to conduct interviews across various media platforms.

Preperation Techniques

Revisit and reinforce key media interview preparation techniques.

Interview Confidence

Learn our unique fast-track preparation system and stay prepared for all scenarios.

Half-Day Workshop: Refresher Media Training

In this unique one-on-one experience, we craft a personalised roadmap for your executive that supports their individual circumstance, skill level and organisational objectives. This course is tailored to specific areas of personal development and growth and is designed to enable your most senior executives to hone their media interview skills with a high level of individual attention, support and confidentiality.

This immersive session offers a unique opportunity for your senior executive to confidently navigate the complexities of multi-channel media, ensuring their public profile becomes a powerful organisational asset.


  • Welcome and introductions
  • Refresher media interview preparation techniques, interview management skills and media interview tips
  • A systems approach to media interview preparation

Light refreshments provided

  • First media interviews
  • Radio, tv and print interviews with feedback and guidance
  • Group learnings, review and conclusion

What you will walk away with.

Enhanced Interview Readiness
Conduct broadcast, press/online interviews with newfound confidence.


Confident Call Handling Skills
Handle calls from journalists confidently and professionally. Rebuild confidence to conduct interviews across different media channels.


Enhanced Media Readiness
Re-visit practical skills and confidence to navigate media scenarios.


Messaging Impact
Regain the art of crafting and delivering messages that resonate.


Risk Mitigation Proficiency
Practice skills to minimise the risk of misquotation or being quoted out of context.


Team Cohesion
Reinforce a cohesive, media-ready team with shared skills and strategies.

Course Outcome

By the end of this course participants will be re-equipped with the skills and confidence to navigate media interviews effectively. The refresher media interviews workshop ensures your team stays media-sharp and ready to face various media scenarios today and into the future.

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